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Who We Are: With over twenty years of combined experience in the silicon industry, we pride ourselves on being a market leader in silicon materials. We know the importance of strong business relationships, supplying silicon materials per customer specifications, honesty, integrity, mutual trust, respect, innovation, and quality control. We strive to continuously improve our business model to better serve our customers.

What We Do: supplies semiconductor and solar grade silicon raw materials in all forms, including virgin polysilicon, carbon ends, silicon tops, silicon tails, silicon ingot sections, silicon slugs, silicon rings, silicon targets, silicon potscrap with and without quartz, broken silicon wafers, prime silicon ingots, whole silicon wafers, prime silicon wafers, test silicon wafers, coinroll silicon wafers, broken silicon wafers, and many other forms.

We provide silicon materials and services around the world. We work with both suppliers and customers in the semiconductor, solar, optic, metals and other specialty markets. Our large global network and strong industry presence helps us to properly support our customers. We assist companies in recycling silicon materials for which they have no further use. In turn, we help our customers reduce their manufacturing costs by introducing lower cost silicon materials to their process. We focus on customer specifications, requirements, forecasts, demands, and needs.

Additional services we offer include: detailed sorting and inspections using state of the art equipment, labeling, repackaging, quartz removal, and silicon recycling. If you are looking for additional services, please contactat: .

Our Vision: We pride ourselves on teamwork, diversity, technology, quality control, customer service, honesty, integrity, continual improvement, long term industry experience and maintaining a strong reputation in the silicon industry. We understand the silicon industry can be volatile and are committed to the industry through both ups and downs. We are a long term, trustworthy partner to have and see a bright and long future ahead for the silicon industry.