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Welcome to IBA Silicon

At IBA, our service is to help Manufacturers and Traders. We assist them in Sourcing, arranging Inspection, Delivery of various Silicon Material.

We work directly with factories worldwide to supply Solar Products including Raw Material to Finished complete Products, Timber We source logs-Timber Inspect and export to the End buyers, Biomas We work directly with Producers in South East Asia Region manufacturing Wood Pellets and Wood Chips and introduce Buyers & Sellers

We believe that success can only be defined through our customers with whom we are partners and consultants in business.

Regd. Office: 1/E Pak Lee Court, 171 Tin Temple Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Tel: 852 2537 9278 Fax: +852 2537 9414 E-mail: ash@ibaimpex.com 

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